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Walk5b updates

When you get to Watery Lane, there is a new open space on your left (east of the road), Frenches Farm Fields.

Try using the following shortcut on Walk 5b, which goes through Frenches Farm Fields.

Follow the usual instructions to the end of point (6) and replace point (7) with the following:

(7). Go down Policeman’s Lane. Turn right when the road bears left, going into Watery Lane. Almost immediately, with Osprey Close on your right, turn left into a small car park. Continue through the gate opposite onto a winding gravel path. As the path bends right, come to two left turns in succession. Take the first left and fork left immediately on to a trodden path. As this path starts to bend to the right, go through a gate ahead on to a straight, trodden path. At the end emerge through a gate on to Slough Lane. Turn left.

And continue with point (8).

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Page updated 12th July 2021.